Applying Newton’s Laws of Motion to Business

by May 26, 2021Leadership and Management

Alejandra Fonseca

Sir Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion goes far beyond just physics. In fact, this theory can be applied to all aspects of business, but it is instrumental when applied to marketing principles.

What is the Law of Constant Motion?

Newton’s three laws of motion state that:

  1. An object will not change its motion unless a force acts on it.
  2. The force on an object is equal to its mass times its acceleration.
  3. When two objects interact, they apply forces to each other of equal magnetite and opposite direction.

How do these three laws of motion apply to business? Here’s a quick guide:

First Law of Motion in Business: Apply Force

Newton stated that force=mass x acceleration, so the first application is force. We apply force by striking early and often. Most companies tend to follow the “start fast – fail fast” trend. They deploy elaborate marketing campaigns based on months of planning, merely to find that they didn’t use the right strategy from the get-go. While the “start fast – fail fast” approach might seem counterproductive, it gives you the ability to apply force (or hit the ground running) and quickly pivot and change your strategy, giving you the nimbleness to change direction to ensure future campaigns hit the sweet spot with your audience.

Second Law of Motion in Business: Once in Motion, Don’t Stop

Newton also said that an object can stay in motion or a state of rest unless an external force acts on it. Business is a lot like a flywheel, which, thanks to its inertia and strategically placed weight, can maintain momentum without stopping. Constant motion is the key to brand growth. Yes, it takes time to build that momentum, but once it’s there, it’s much easier to maintain. The last thing you should be doing is resting once you’ve achieved the initial success benchmark you set for your brand. Continual growth requires constant motion and consistency. At the end of the day, success begets success, so it’s essential to get in motion and then maintain it at all costs.

Third Law of Motion in Business: Counteract the Opposition

There is an equal and opposite reaction to every action, which is Newton’s third law of motion. If your business already took action by applying force and sustaining momentum, it’s only natural for opposition from external forces to form. Whether it’s new competition or a PR blunder, resolve is always the key to success. Building a brand requires the resolve to counteract any and all opposing forces.


If you want to achieve sustainable brand growth, it’s essential to remember Newton’s three laws of motion. Start by applying force. Start somewhere, anywhere, as long as you start. Once you’ve got the motion going, keep driving it. And finally, always be ready to counteract any opposition that your brand might face.

No business can start without a deliberate application of force. And neither can it grow without force. Without concerted effort to identify opportunities and continued effort to keep things moving, brands cannot grow.

By applying Newton’s laws of motion to the world of business, it is essential to keep in mind that:

  • Without someone exerting effort to make it happen, nothing will occur.
  • The greater the headwind, the larger the bureaucratic inertia, the more effort it takes to gain momentum.
  • When leaders stop rowing, the boat stops moving. Don’t ever stop rowing.

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